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Coco Coir Bricks 100% (1KG)

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100% Coco Peat


Brick Size:3 x 3 Inches

Net Weight:2kg - 4.41 lbs (±5%)

No. of Coir Bricks:1 x 4.41 lbs Brick

Hydrated Volume:10-15 L

Ingredients:100% Organic Coir Pith

EC:Low EC / EC <0.5mS/cm (Testing Method -1:1.5)

pH:< 6.5


How to Use Coco Coir Bricks

Step 1: Choose a large pot that can accommodate the brick that will expand. Remember, it will loosen five to seven times once hydrated, so ensure you choose a large enough container.

Step 2: Place the coco coir in a container and pour hot water into it. Let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Step 3: Observe that the soaked brick swells and expands after some time. Once the brick expands, break it apart and slowly stir it until the coco coir soil loosensLastly, use it with your soil or potting mix to make a coco coir soil.

Our coco coir grow bags are made from coconut husks - the part of the coconut not used for food, beverage, or cosmetics. The fibers are extracted from between the outer shell and hard internal shell of the coconut, then compressed into bricks. Coco coir bricks are an excellent substitute for peat moss and perlite in gardening.


✅ EASY TO USE- Coco coir maintains moisture content and can yield up to 16 liters. But for the best planting, you must rehydrate the bricks. It can expand 5 to 7 times after wetting again, thus, it will give you its best.

✅ ORGANIC AND SAFE - The coco coir is a great step towards going to organic planting again. Also, you can use this soil as a source to educate your children about organic farming to save mother earth. Indeed, coco coir grow bags for plants are a great low-impact lifestyle initiative!

✅ A COMPACT KIT - The brick is easy to store and comes in a Grow Bag Kit for easy gardening.


What's Included in Coco Coir Brick Grow Bag

1x Premium Coco Coir Brick With Grow Bag -2 lbs (1kg) Coco Fiber Block
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      Coco coir is the fibrous material is what you see after processing coconut shells for their oil. Coir-user growers dry the remaining husk particles into an absorbent material so that they can use it as a growing medium in hydroponic or soil-based setups.

      To make a brick of coco coir, place a brick in a bucket, add water and let it sit overnight. If you add too much water when making coco coir bricks, allow the mixture to sit and dry out before using because too much water can drown your plants' roots.


      Coco Coir vs. peat moss

      Peat moss and coco coir are the most used products in potting soil and seed starting mixes. People mistake them as the same material and they use the terms interchangeably. But there are huge differences between the two.

      Read to see how they differ



      While other gardeners enjoy the benefits of coco soil, some are stuck growing inferior plants. Read the following top secrets of these gardeners when using coconut coir so you too can enjoy your plant's best results.


      Coconut COir Snapshot

      All Natural

      All our coconut coir products come from mother earth.

      No additivies or chemicals.

      Easy To Use

      Soak the coconut coir for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, place it in your basket or potter and trim it accordingly.


      Coconut coir can be used for seed starter, planter and basket liners, hydroponics, and worm bins.

      Pet & Eco-Friendly

      Dogs do well with coco coir in bedding or toys, while cat owners find it useful in litter boxes.

      Coco coir is the preferred growing medium for cannabis. As an affordable and readily available by-product from the coconut industry, it's eco friendly and renewable.