Creating a garden terrace in your apartment doesn't have to be difficult - with coco coir, it can be a breeze!

Creating a garden terrace in your apartment doesn't have to be difficult - with coco coir, it can be a breeze!

1. Materials needed
2. Step by step instructions
3. Tips for success


Many apartment owners don’t think they can have green spaces in their homes, but that’s not necessarily true! If you have the right materials and some elbow grease, building a garden terrace in your apartment is not only possible, but also enjoyable and easy to do yourself. It won’t require as much space as you think, either - here’s what you need to know about creating your own garden terrace using coco coir.

In order to create a garden terrace for an apartment gardener you'll need the following materials: 

  1. a small tarp or sheet of plastic
  2. one or two large pots
  3. coco coir grow bag 
  4. potting soil (if desired) 
  5. a few potted plants who are ready for their new home! 
  1. Cut the tarp and two pots down to size and place them on either side of the balcony railing. Connect with a wire hanger. 
  2. Fill each pot with half potting soil and half coco coir. 
  3. Make sure to pack the coco coir evenly. 
  4. Place the plants on top of each pot, then water them well. 

To keep things tidy you may want to use some string and wire hangers to hang a few pots from below. 

With the right container and enough care, you could create an indoor home or apartment garden. And when those containers get too heavy for their hangers? Just attach them to the railing instead! It's really not hard at all. 

A little time and effort goes a long way in making any apartment gardener happy.

Coco Coir Garden Terrace

Some of the most challenging aspects of apartment gardening are usually space, water and light. 

Luckily, you don’t need much space for a patio garden!

Coco Coir is the perfect material to use when planting because they allow you to grow plants in vertical pots while retaining high levels of water. 

If you are located in a low high environment make sure you choose plants that are happy in those conditions. These include Hydrangeas, Chaenomeles, Lady Ferns and even Dogwood flowers!

Remember: bring your plants inside before the first frost to make sure they survive the winter.

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