Unleash the Power of Coconut Coir

The Secret Ingredient for a Thriving Garden

Tools of the Trade

What is Coco Coir?

Coco peat is a versatile growing medium that’s a great alternative to peat moss. Coconut coir comes from parts of the coconut that are often wasted.

Some Coco Coir Benefits

All Natural

All our coconut coir products come from mother earth.

No additivies or chemicals.

Easy To Use

Soak the coconut coir for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, place it in your basket or potter and trim it accordingly.


Coconut coir can be used for seed starter, planter and basket liners, hydroponics, and worm bins.

Pet Friendly

Dogs do well with coco coir in bedding or toys, while cat owners find it useful in litter boxes.

Before & After

person holding a handful of brown coco pith coco coir fiber

Make gardening easy for big gardens and small nurseries

with Coco Coir Bricks from Coirganics. Our all natural and versatile growing medium ensures your plants and seedlings get all the nutrients they need.

Use coir on its own to sprout seeds, propagate plants and provide support to the root structures of hydroponically grown plants.


peat moss and coco coir are the most used products in potting soil and seed starting mixes, people use them interchangeably as a growing medium; there are huge differences between them. Coco coir originates from the fibers of coconuts, while peat moss comes from the vast sphagnum moss bogs